Escaping The Heat

It should come to no one’s surprise that Texas is hot. No, like really hot. Like 100 + degrees Fahrenheit every day hot. SO hot…that Joe and I purposefully planned a 3 month trip, in the middle of summer, to escape the Texas heat.

Originally, we had planned to spring our jail break June 24th. Joe even took some time off work so that we could slowly begin our trek to cooler temperatures, but like all great adventures, none is without its potential setbacks. Ours took the form(s) of a pesky virus called COVID-19 and a stubborn motorcycle.

That’s right! One week before our planned departure, COVID struck the Garcia household. Now, Joe and I had never had COVID. We both work remotely and tend to be recluses, and as such, managed to not catch COVID during the height of the pandemic. Yet, one week prior to leaving and entering the sweet relief that is 80 degree weather, we both got COVID.

Thankfully, we both were fine. I will spare you the sordid details of how COVID affected each of us, but despite all odds, including the need to do quite a bit of motorcycle maintenance, we managed to recover, pack, and leave with only a minor delay. And yes, we made sure to isolate and clear the infectious period before heading out.

So, where are we headed? Though we are sojourning to several various places during our Texas heat hiatus, stop 1 is Santa Fe, New Mexico! Because of the recent wildfires, we thought our original plans of staying in Santa Fe would have to be nixed, and to be fair, they were until we decided to do a last minute check to see if the parks in New Mexico were back open, and lo and behold, they were! Thus, we are on our way to northern New Mexico.

Along the way, we plan on blogging about our journey. Though Joe and I have a natural propensity for taking a million photos, neither of us is much of a “vlogger.” Our love of photos just doesn’t translate to a desire to film everything. Instead, we wish to share our love of words, pictures, and adventure, via this blog.

From RV tips and tricks, to must see attractions, we hope you join us by following along on our journey! It’s going to be fun!

USFS Headquarters Well Trailhead – Santa Fe, New Mexico