Goodbye Georgia, Hello 2023

Last time on Garcia’s Moving Castle, the promise of a cannon fire demonstration and candlelit tour of Fort Pulaski was on the line, and I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that Joe and I, along with a hand full of retirees, enjoyed both. The tour included historical reenactments, complete with costume, Christmas carols, and refreshments.

During the refreshment portion of our tour, an elderly woman sitting across from me nearly dropped her apple cider due to the unannounced cannon firing outside with the group ahead of us. With a look that can only be described as righteous indignation she exclaimed, “Well! So much for that warning!” We did our best not to spit out our cookies.

To be fair, the glass windows of the fort literally shook when the 30 pound cannon was fired, and the Christmas carolers tried to school their faces and resume composure as they attempted to get back on key. Neither worked. Gotta say, I have a new appreciation for the term “shell shocked!”

Despite the unannounced cannon demonstration, we enjoyed the tour and gained a deeper understanding of Fort Pulaski’s rich history. Plus, it was pretty stinking school to see an actual cannon go off when it came time for our group’s cannon demonstration.

Following our candlelit tour of Fort Pulaski, Joe and I rushed to grab some dinner at a local, “divey” Thai place before it closed. We were treated to excellent food and a show performed by a couple entitled, “2nd Date Goes Wrong!” Who needs popcorn and a screen when you have spring rolls and a curious waitress?

The next day, Joe and I ended our time in Savannah by visiting Tybee Island and its famous lighthouse. The Tybee Island Light Station and Museum is home to the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia. It was built in 1736 and has been guiding mariners safe entrance into the Savannah River for over 285 years (

Part of what made visiting Tybee Island’s lighthouse so incredible was not only getting to learn about its vast history but also climbing its 178 steps to the top of the tower. I genuinely have never considered myself to have a fear of heights, but my legs may or may not have been shaking as Joe and I walked around the top of the lighthouse and peered out across the ocean’s tresses.

It was beautiful and serene.

And I found myself imagining the light keeper lugging oil to the top of the tower each day as we traced his footsteps.

Quite simply, Savannah was magical and the perfect way to end our travels for 2022. Joe and I still find it hard to believe we have traveled coast-to-coast this year.

If you have followed our blog and undertaken each adventure with us, thank you! We have had so much fun documenting our journey and sharing small glimpses of our life. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “the best is yet to come,” and I am sure 2023 will be no exception!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and have an even better New Year!

See you in 2023!

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