Kickin’ Off Our Summer Travels

Hello! It’s been awhile, huh? Rest assured that all is well; we have just been busy! Joe and I enjoyed a few months of stationary RV living as we wrapped up our life in the Austin, TX, area. Don’t worry, we still plan on traveling and seeking new adventures; our “base camp” if you will is simply moving.

In the spirit of our continued desire to travel, allow me to regale you with the happenings of our latest venture, an off-grid glamping trip with Joe’s side of the family, but first, I must mention how this trip came into fruition.

Like most of Joe’s schemes, this adventure was actualized through months of phone calls and text messages with his brother, Rick. What began as a trip to Oregon to participate in the Gambler 500, a conservation-focused, mini bike racing event, slowly morphed into a possible visit to Costa Rica, and eventually settled into an off-grid camping trip to New Mexico.

The Garcia brothers do not do anything halfway!

Because Rick and his family live in California, and we live in Texas, New Mexico tends to be our meeting ground since it is halfway between our home states and offers beautiful hiking trails, off-roading, and fantastic weather. With these features in mind, a week-long, family, boondocking trip to New Mexico was born!

Though we undertook a similar Garcia family vacation 2 years ago for Christmas, no two trips are alike! After all, during this visit, Rick and his wife, Andrea traded in their pop-up camper for a bumper pull travel trailer. Did I mention they purchased the same brand of travel trailer as us and Joe’s/Rick’s parents? In honor of Rick and Andrea’s purchase, Joe has an entire blog post planned detailing the ins and outs of choosing an RV, so stay tuned for that!

So, the trip began with a new camper purchase, what else happened?

Well, we hiked several trails, visited the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, went antiquing, rode mountain bikes and motorcycles, played Mario Kart, and ate an absurd amount of really good food. Honestly, we just enjoyed spending time together.

The 1500 miles between Texas and California are no match for the Garcia’s. Coming together is always a number one priority, and though the journey to see each other is usually long, the abundance of laughter and memories gathered always leave us wanting for more.

You’d best believe Joe and Rick are already planning the next adventure!

In the meantime, Joe and I are staying in New Mexico for the week, Rick and Andrea traveled back to California, and Joe’s/Rick’s parents ventured on to Santa Fe. They are enjoying retirement and having their very own adventure!

Our own travels will continue, but more will be shared as we journey to new locations throughout the summer.

Until next time!